Transportation System Plan Update

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The City of Sublimity is updating its Transportation System Plan & wants to hear from you!

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What is a TSP? A Transportation System Plan (TSP) describes the City's transportation system and outlines projects, programs, and policies to meet transportation needs now and in the future based on community aspirations.

Why is a TSP needed? The TSP will help identify ways to improve access, connectivity, safety, and transportation options for current and future Sublimity residents.

· The TSP was last updated in 1997 and is long overdue.

· The TSP will guide policy decisions and direct spending on new transportation projects and programs. 

· Having an approved TSP will allow the City to qualify for grants and transportation funding in the future.

· This is an opportunity for Sublimity residents to protect their quality of life by shaping the future of their transportation system.

What are the steps to update the TSP?

· First, we start with the transportation system as it is today and gather information about how it is used by residents, business owners, and folks traveling through town. We develop a list of issues to be addressed. See the memo on the city website to review the results.

· Second, we identify possible system improvements to address the issues we noted in step one, along with how much they might cost and who would pay for them. That step is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

· Finally, we take the feedback from city staff and community members on the first two steps to develop a TSP update for this city. That is expected in Spring 2024.


How Can You Get Involved?

Read the published memos on the City’s website, and give your feedback to Alan Frost, Public Works Director; Alan.Frost [at]