Sublimity is a vibrant and growing city of 3050 residents located along State Hwy 22, just 20 minutes from I-5 and the Capital City of Salem; It is also the gateway to the Santiam Canyon and the recreational areas of Detroit Lake, Sisters, and Mt Baker. Sublimity is primarily a residential commuter city that depends on employment for the most part in Salem or Stayton. This can be attributed to the lack of local employment opportunities and the city’s desire to remain more of a residential city with a rural atmosphere.

Continued Growth

The Sublimity area has enjoyed strong population growth over the last several decades, and that growth is projected to continue through at least the year 2035, according to the State of Oregon's Official Population Forecasts from Portland State University (PDF). PSU projects that the City of Sublimity will grow by 16% from 2017 to 2035. However, Sublimity has seen an increase of approximately 6-10% increase each year from 2017 –2020.

All businesses located and doing business within the city limits of Sublimity must register their businesses with City Hall. A new business may need to apply for a Site Development Review and or Land use application.

Permits from the City of Sublimity are required for new and remodeled buildings and zoning changes.

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