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posted Mar 8, 2017, 8:22 AM by General Information   [ updated Mar 8, 2017, 8:26 AM ]

    There has been some interest in establishing a neighborhood watch in Sublimity. I have talked to law enforcement and research some of the data on the efficacy of these watches (the data, for the most part, is inconclusive: such watches can be effective, but there are many variables, and they vary widely from town to town).

    As National Neighborhood Watch, a division of the National Sheriff’s Association states, “Our nation is built upon the strength of its citizens.” Neighborhood watch programs, therefore, are dependent upon citizen interest and participation.

    You can help to see if the citizens of Sublimity believe that such programs are necessary in our city and, more to the point, are they willing to participate, by answering a few short questions.

1.    Do you believe they should be established in Sublimity?

2.    Are you willing, yourself, to be part of a watch in your neighborhood?

3.    How effective do you think these programs can be?

4.  Given that he recent ‘disturbances’ in Sublimity occurred late at night/early morning,  would you be willing to participate in a 24-hour a day program? If not, how many hours  a day should such a program consist of?

5.      Would you be willing to be a team captain or section leader for a program in your neighborhood?

6.      The City is not staffed to administer this program, nor is Marion County, which is why such programs depend almost entirely on citizen participation.

7.      There is at least one national program available to assist in the formation of these ‘watch’ programs, though it appears that grant funding has ended. Would you be willing to do the research necessary to work with other cities and with law enforcement to establish a program in Sublimity?