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Recreational Activities

The City of Sublimity is a rural, residential community located on the western low foothills of the Oregon Cascades about 15 miles southeast of Salem. Sublimity is situated north of the Santiam Highway amid gently rolling hills and land well suited for agriculture.

Sublimity has two public parks within its city limits. Included in these are playground equipment, picnic areas, a walking/jogging trail, tennis court, ball diamond and barbecue facilities. There is a public swimming pool and library in nearby Stayton. A bicycle path which goes through the center of town connects Sublimity with Stayton.

In addition, Sublimity is located near a golf course. Fishing, camping, boating, skiing, and hiking opportunities are abundant in the Santiam Canyon with its numerous rivers and high mountain lakes. Just 45 minutes away is Detroit Dam. Silver Falls State Park, just 20 minutes outside Sublimity, with its 8,700 acres is available for communing with nature by hiking, camping, or picnicking. During the winter months snow skiing is available after a short drive to the Cascades. After an hour and a half drive the Pacific Ocean is convenient for enjoyment. Two miles north of Sublimity is Silver Falls Winery.


Sublimity has a temperate, maritime climate with moderately warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The average yearly temperature is 51 degrees, and the normal maximum July temperature is 80 degrees. The city has approximately 210 frost free days usually between the months of April and November.

Annual rainfall is between 40 and 60 inches. Only about 10 percent occurs during the summer months. Prevailing winds are from the west and northwest during the summer and from the south and southwest during the winter storm periods. Wind velocities are moderate.

Elevation in Sublimity ranges from 485 feet in the southwest corner of the city to 565 in the northeast corner. Sublimity is located on gently rolling hills.

Medical Facilities/Physicians

Sublimity is served by Santiam Memorial Hospital in Stayton. There are many physicians available in the area for those who want to see a local doctor. Specialized care can be handled in Salem (12 miles to the west) at a larger hospital.


Sublimity is served by North Santiam School District 29J. This school currently has an enrollment of 371 students in grades K-8. Students wanting a parochial education can attend St. Mary's School in Stayton which serves grades 1-8. Sublimity students attend high school in Stayton either at Stayton High School or Regis High School--a parochial school. Sublimity is served by Chemeketa Community College. Willamette University and Corban University is available in Salem for those people who would like to continue their education at a four year university. Several other facilities are available for those who don't mind an hour or so commute--Oregon State University in Corvallis, Western Oregon State College in Monmouth, and several colleges and universities in the Portland area.


Sublimity is served by the weekly newspaper, The Stayton Mail, published in Stayton. Choices of a daily paper are the Statesman Journal (published in Salem) or the Oregonian (published in Portland). Sublimity is served by North Santiam Communications for cable television services.


Within Sublimity's city limits the only church is St. Boniface Catholic Church-one of the oldest in the state. This church was established in 1889 and from then on has played a major influence in Sublimity's history. The parish has grown from 12 families in the late 1870's to over 160 by 1950 with currently over 300 families registered at the church. for those who seek other religions there are many churches represented in Stayton and the surrounding area.


Housing in Sublimity is characterized by mostly single family dwellings. As of a survey done in 1982 shows about 75 percent of the city's housing is single family homes. Sublimity is lucky to have a number of centrally located older single family homes which add character to the community. Although multi-family units are scarce in Sublimity recently there was an eight unit apartment built and also a four-plex. Sublimity does have a 100 space mobile home park which is at capacity. Sublimity recently had a 45 room motel built. The building of single family dwelling has increased dramatically since the 85-86 fiscal year, when there was seven building permits issued. In the 95-96 fiscal year there were 29 single family permits issued.


Sublimity has seen a steady increase in population for some time. The 2018 certified Portland State University population report shows 2,890 people currently residing in Sublimity.

Sublimity's population grew steadily from 1910 through 1970 when it leveled off. There was a surge of growth in 1973 attributed to the construction of a sewage collection system. Each year has shown growth other than 1982. Future growth will depend on the capacity of the utilities and any development of local economy.

Sublimity is primarily a residential commuter town that depends on employment for the most part in Salem or Stayton. This can be attributed to the lack of local employment opportunities and the city's desire to remain more of a residential town with a rural atmosphere. The two largest employers in Sublimity are the Marian Retirement Center with 325 employees and Cascade Chevrolet/GEO with 40 employees.

Sublimity's tax rate is currently set at $0.7135 per thousand.